About us

In the United States, as with most of the rest of the world, First-to-File is now law.  The result is that patent applications must be filed quickly, and traditionally patent drawings have been one of the long lead-time components of a patent application.  Not anymore.

FastFigs was developed by a patent practitioner who saw the need to get patent drawings done quickly and correctly.  Typically much time is wasted with back-and-forth communications and revisions, and with draftsmen who are busy with multiple drawing jobs.  It's not uncommon for a typical patent drawing job to take two to three weeks.  But with FastFigs, draftsmen are unavailable until they finish your job, meaning they are motivated to finish your job and get your final approval quickly, so that they are listed as available for their next job.  

Whenever something happens on one of your drawing jobs, emails go out to all parties, keeping the jobs moving forward.   For the practitioner, drawing jobs are finished usually within a week or sooner, and the entire transaction is handled on-line. For the draftsman, payments are made as soon as the drawings are approved by the practitioner, which is further motivation for speed-of-delivery.